How to Use Fruit Fly Killer Devices

Line your drains and pipes with this green product to kill fruit flies. It utilizes safe, natural Citronella spray to get rid of pesky insects that love to hang around kitchen sinks, trash disposals and all places in houses, restaurants and hotels. You no longer have to shout at your kids to keep flies away from their lemonade or oatmeal maker. With the Fruit Fly Killer you can keep bugs away while still having delicious food.

The fruit fly killer works by using a safe non-caustic liquid that is safe for humans and animals alike. The thick gel is non-toxic and can be used outside or inside. It’s easy to use and is economical, and the product is designed to be easily poured into drains and pipes. It is a non-caustic liquid that will keep larger bugs away.

Since it’s non-caustic, you won’t have to worry about it staining anything or corroding pipe walls. You can also place the fruit fly killer anywhere you need to kill fruit flies. Just line your drain and pipe walls with the thick gel and you’re done. You won’t have to worry about getting rid of those pesky critters on your own.

The fruit fly killer comes in three applications. There is the single application, which is designed to kill fruit flies on one run. You only have to apply the product at one time, and let the green gobbler fruit fly killer do its work. If you find yourself with a huge mess after applying the product a second time, just use the disposable packets to wipe the rest of the mess away.

Another great thing about these fruit fly traps is the fact that you don’t have to be an expert to set them up and use them effectively. They are very easy to put together and are designed for minimal expertise on your part. All you have to do is stick the tubing and cage in the ground as usual, cover it up with the green gobbler traps and snap the traps into place. Put some dirt underneath the traps to help keep the dirt in place and everything is ready to use. This product is designed with an easy to use design so you can install it yourself without having to call in a professional. Fruit fly traps are designed to be very durable and easy to use.

As mentioned before, the reason they are called the fruit fly trap is because they will catch and kill many insects that would be detrimental to people and their homes. They do this by sending out an alarm pheromone which attracts insects like other animals in your house flies and crawl over. These flying eggs will hatch and maggots will soon emerge ready to begin their short lived lives inside the egg. This is a sure way to get rid of any problem insects in your yard at minimal cost and get rid of them in a timely fashion.